Mission Statement

To faithfully fill the needs of the public to the best of our abilities.

To pour ourselves into our service and quality custom design that help groups share their passion.

To do as much as we can and charge as little as we need. 

To restore the human contact missing from our modern culture's high-tech business environment.

To honor our staff and stand beside them through life and work.

To share our gifts and make our customers look really good.

To show the love of God to every person we encounter.

Who We Be

 Twice Born, Inc is a Christian company, in that it is owned by a Christian man. However, we work with people of all backgrounds, creeds, religions, races etc, even white people if they ask nicely. We are here to serve and make you look good! We hope our love for Christ rubs off on you, but if not, at least you will get some good looking t-shirts and make a new friend. Relationships mean everything to us. Sure we have a cool site, online calculator and hundreds of templates to search, but our true treasure is at the other end of the line when you call. Friendly service. You are the priority. You with your small quantity order, your 20 questions, last minute changes, expedited shipping etc. You know who you are. Check out our list of customer praises and comments. Seriously, people love us.  If you are nice we will add your comment there too. People love us because we are real. We are fast and we are good. I remember being at a printer years ago waiting for my job. It was not done and the crabby staff person told me to "read the sign, honey" which read, FAST, CHEAP, GOOD - pick two. I love that, but in reality you deserve all three. Well, I do anyway.

The custom t-shirt and promotional department, known as Twice Born Design or TBD opened its doors in 2008 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas to fill a need in the area of custom t-shirt design. Owner, Jayme Brandt formed Twice Born Design with the idea of creating "walking billboards," to advertise events, products, and messages via t-shirts. We offer screen-printing and embroidery of all articles of clothing (including hats, bracelets, calenders, etc.) and promotional products.  We offer competitive pricing and have a quick turnaround time of just 8-10 days. You can use our pricing calculator on our home page, but prices changes everyday so give us a call (or email service@twiceborndesign.com)for your free personalized quote and we will do whatever we can to stay within your budget. Hope to hear from you soon! (888) 809-7891